Code snippets, thoughts on web dev, design and life, and whatever else feels relevant to me as a person, hope it helps you 🤗

About me

  • I used to work at Kaordica, a web-focused design agency working solely with the JAMstack, but now I'm figuring things out to see where to go next :)
  • Trying to grow kommunity.dev, a place for collaboratively building the web of the future
  • You can find some of my front-end tutorials on Scrimba and Twitch
  • Creating random recipes and sharing them on gororobas.com is a joy of mine

Designing interfaces with development in mind

This guide aims to provide some best practices for designing interfaces with the handoff in mind, having the goal of facilitating the communication between designers and developers. This is an ever…

React for designers

The goal of this guide is to explain, in the simplest and shortest way possible, what is React and what does it implies to you as a UI designer. What is React Definition: React is a javascript library…